Cute Baby Names For Boys

Laura asks…

Cute baby boy names that start with a D?

Our son is Daniel David, I want this one (if it’s a boy) to start with a D with the middle name being Michael, after my brother. Any good suggestions?? I like Daylin Michael, only one I could come up with tho.. Thnx for the help!! ;o)

admin answers:

Devin Michael
Declan Michael
Dennis Michael
Derek Michael
Dexter Michael
Darrien Michael

Hope this helps!

Nancy asks…

I’m looking for cute baby boy names I’m due in october nothing to out there?

I am now 23 weeks pregnant and looking for a name for the baby not sure if I’ll go the adoption route or keep the baby yet, but I do want him to have a good strong name my last name is Arrington and the name only name I liked in the baby name book was Josiah,but great grandma cannot say it right so I thought maybe any advice on cute baby boy names will be helpful thanks nothing weird just a nice unique name
I’m trying to see what names are cool and different please think outside of the box nothing to far out their steriling is just a werid name sounds like a fish lol but thanks for the anwser

admin answers:

Alexander – defender of mankind
Anders(Andy) – strong ; manly; courageous
Andrew – strong; manly; courageous
Asher – happy; blessed; rich
Ashton – ash tree settlement
Benjamin – son of the south; son of the right hand
Bradley – broad meadow
Carson – son of Carr
Cayden/Kadin – son of Cadan; friend & companion
Cole – victorious people; cabbage farmer; famous seafarer
Dashiell – page boy
Donovan – dark
Edward – prosperous guardian
Elliot/Elliott – Crime fighter; a prophet
Emmett – industrious; strong
Everett – courage of a boar
Ezra – help
Gavin – white hawk
Grayson/Greyson – bailiff’s son
Harrison – son of Harry; army ruler; ruler of the household
Ian – God is gracious
Isaac – he laughs
Jackson – son of Jack; Yahweh is gracious
Jayden/Jaden/Jadon – God has heard
Jonas – he accomplishes
Joseph – God will add; God will increase
Jude – praised
Kade/Cade – wetlands
Keagan/Keegan – little; fiery
Landon – open, grassy meadow
Leonardo (Leo) – brave as a lion; lion
Levi – son of Jacob; partriarch of the priestly tribe of Levi
Nathanael/Nathaniel – gift of God
Nicholas – victorious people
Pierce – rock
Quenton/Quentin – fifth; green’s town
Reid/Reed – redhead
Rhys/Reece – running
Tiernan – Little Lord
Vaughn – little
Wesley – west meadow
William – determined defense

This is actually my personal favorites list! =) My favorites from the list are Wesley, Harrison (never Harry), William (Will), Jackson, Landon, Donovon, and Dashiell (I think a little baby Dash is so cute). =)

Michael asks…

I need cute baby BOY names, PLEASE?

We found out we’re having a little boy, and I was wondering if you had any cute, unique, classy boy names. I’ve thought of a few, there aren’t just any VERY cute ones out there, that I could think of for little boys. Please help.

admin answers:

My favorite boy names
liam james finley
alexander joseph scott
caden matthew ryan
payton tyler bryan
parker christian jacob
porter michael bentley
just first names…

Charles asks…

Which name do you think is nicer out of these CUTE BABY NAMES FOR BOYS?

Aaden Dylan.
Blake Ethan.

my last name begins with C- so i can’t do Aaden Blake because his initials will be A.B.C. LOL.
I cant to aaden ethan it just does not sound right- so thats what i am left to. Though I would love Dylan to be a first name, any help would be nice?
lol freddie yes! i cant have ethan as a first name- well, you know, i can if i want to but my couison is named ethan- and do not know if it is right or not to do?
Many people in my family share the same names like backwards with first and middle and same middle name or same first so i don’t know! i love aaden and ethan and dylan, blake is ok! i just do not know= i am stressing help!?
try and include aaden please!
maybe somebody has someone to look up to unlike you- TROLL! (you know you love me- a.k.a you know you hate me.

Atleast i dont sit infront of my computer all day trying to get to #1 aanswer, or even worse being a troll- get a life. and get a sense in names. and you know what- all i said was my opinion of the name but no you gave to me like in every other answer of yours so i am not going to stand back and let you get me- you neeed to be told.

admin answers:

I love the name Dylan :) I think it’s really cute and perfect for a boy. While Aaden Dylan does have two names that both end with the letter N, if you do not mind the slight rhyming sound I think it is a good name.

It’s a good thing that you noticed the initials as many parents don’t until they are facing the problem when their child points it out years later. I like the name Ethan, and I think that Blake Ethan flows nicely and is a nice name overall.

I like both, but I prefer Aaden Dylan. Here are some middle names that I think work with Dylan, if you want to make Dylan a first name:

Dylan Micheal
Dylan James — My favorite
Dylan Cole
Dylan Blake —- works as well in my opinion, but I don’t think Ethan goes with Dylan.
Dylan Aaden — works as well, but still has the double N sound.
Dylan Thomas —- Really nice in my opinion
Dylan Tyler
Dylan Jacob
Dylan Trent

Hope I helped :)

Helen asks…

I need some cute baby boy names! Help!?

I have a baby boy and his name is Griffin – so I like names like that. For the middle name we are leaning towards James after a family member. We ADORE the name Aiden but it is too popular. We also don’t want Logan, Hunter, or Forrest. We don’t want any nmes that are too popular. We think Tanner ok but after time not so much. Please can you suggest any cute unique names?? Thanks!

admin answers:


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