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Charles asks…

baby girl names..? help!?

ok so heres the deal.
my bestest friend had a beautiful baby girl thismorning. she has blond hair and blue eyes…so sweet
anyways she& husband wants me to name her i have a while to think about it but i have to make sure that the names okay with her. the babys last name is smith oh and if there long names put the abriviation and how to prononce them too!

admin answers:

Sophia Natalie Smith
Emma Isabelle Smith
Lily Grace Smith
Arielle Brooke Smith
Madison Abigail Smith
Caroline Beatrice Smith
Audrey Julia Smith
Ava Danielle Smith
Zoe Olivia Smith
Hannah Claire Smith
Autumn Chloe Smith
Amelia Katherine Smith
Melody Isabella Smith
Kaitlyn Sara Smith
Rebecca Brooke Smith
Cara Ruth Smith
Rachel Emma Smith
Ella Rose Smith
Miriam Lily Smith
Bianca Joy Smith

I’m surprised that this didn’t get ten million replies, usually you will get literally hundreds if you post a question like this with no strings attached! In a lot of states, mothers and fathers don’t have to name the baby right away (although I’m not sure how that works.) Unless you want to quickly give it a name and then change it, I wouldn’t recommend just picking a name someone said unless you’re really sure; it’ll stick with them for the rest of their life. I tried to give you a few solid, classy, trendy, popular, sweet, elegant, beautiful, and biblical names for a little girl. If you like them, repost a question asking for opinions on your friends’ faves, and then you can see what people’s opinions are.

Lizzie asks…

What is a good name for my baby girl?

Looking for some name suggestions for my baby girl. Her big sister is named Alexa Anne. I don’t usually like “trendy” names or names that are SUPER popular. I’d *like* to try to avoid another “A” name, but if I find a name I fall in love with it won’t really matter.

Any help!?

Names that are for sure out:
Lila/Layla/Lily (too popular!)
Anything with random Y’s

admin answers:

A great place to look for names is the list of baby names from Social Security. I have referenced the site below. You can look up the most popular 1000 names in America for each of the last 100 years. I would figure the super popular are the first 50 names for each gender, but after that it is harder.

I think, just like you, the “y’ is overused.

Good luck with that and I wish you and your daughters good health.

Robert asks…

Help with baby girl names please?

Hi! So my boyfriend and I are expecting a baby girl soon and we aren’t sure which name to choose. We both like the name Emmeline Cate and we could maybe call her Emmie/Emmy for short. However, I don’t want my daughter to have the same name as every other girl in her class. Is this a really popular name right now? Also, do you think it would sound trashy? I am going to be a teen mom (yes I know I made a bad decision, but we did use birth control, let’s not get into that), so do you think people will criticize her name because I had her young because I heard someone say that teen moms name their kids really trashy names which I agree in some cases but I don’t want my daughter penalized in any way for me being a younger mother. Also, we were thinking about the names Lucia Claire or Madeleine Louise What do you think about all of these names? Thank you! Also, please no rude comments about my age, but please be honest about the names. My boyfriend and I are really excited and are preparing ourselves as much as possible for her!

admin answers:

I think Emmeline Cate is a beautiful name! I don’t find it trashy at all. When I hear “Emmy”, I think of Emmy Rossum, and she just seems so naturally pretty and classy to me. And the name Emmy does not seem to be all that popular: in the U.S. It ranks # 957. However, I think there will be quite a few Emmas. But I think your daughter would stand out from them. :]

As for the other names you picked out, I think Lucia Claire is cute, but I don’t care for Madeleine Louise. Emmeline Cate is my favorite, unless perhaps you made it Emmeline Claire. That’s cute too!

Carol asks…

Opinions of baby girl names?

Im pretty stuck between a few. If you could just give me your opinion of them, Id really appreciate it. Id just like to know how other people feel about my choices. If you could avoid being rude & stating the obvious (like Tommy is a boy name, or Lennon just isnt very feminine) it would be appreciated. Obviously I chose these names because I like them & Im well aware of what they all are.

Helena Rose
Lennon Bella
Charlotte Rose
Tommy Bella
Isabella Rose
Mika Rose
Arabella Rose
Emery Rose

Im pretty set on what I like for a middle name & choosing any name has been really weird for me because my fiances last name is Kornschutz, not very common. So finding names that didnt clash to bad with his last name was a pain. As of right now, I think Helena Rose might end up being my final decision.

admin answers:

Some of your names are really beautiful!

Helena Rose – I usually wouldn’t like Helena, but with Rose it is very pretty. Helena is pretty, but it’s hard for me to imagine calling a baby or little girl by it. It is unique though, so there won’t be anyone in her class with her name!

Charlotte Rose – I love this combination. Absolutely beautiful.

Isabella Rose – Beautiful, but too common. Everyone I know is naming their daughter Isabella, I even wanted to use Isabel but I’ve moved it to a middle name position because it’s so popular.

Arabella Rose – LOVE THIS! I think this is my favorite of all your names. It’s so gorgeous and you get to use Bella and Rose in the name.

Emery Rose – I like this. I know a boy name Emory, but I like it for a girl much better. This is also beautiful.

Lennon Bella, Tommy Bella, Mika Rose – I don’t like these. Lennon and Mika are terrible and I can’t imagine a girl named Tommy. She would get made fun of.

I really love the name Victoria Rose Kornshutz. Victoria Kornshutz sounds really good, and you could call her Tori which is similar to Tommy, but more girly.


Paul asks…

Do you like these baby girl names? ?

Isobel Grace
Natalia Jade
or Nikita Paige?

Im pregnant with my 1st child, I am overjoyed to be having this baby as i have already had 3 miscarriges :(….Anyway i would like to name my baby girl something she will like and be proud of.

Just tell me honestly what you think of them

Thanks Heaps
Jacqui :)

Last name is Smith

admin answers:

LOVE the name Isobel, but Grace is so very popular. I loved it about 10 yrs ago, but now i prefer something like Violet or Ruth or Hope.

Natalia Jade is very cute, but i like Natalia with the name Paige better.

Nikita is not my style.

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